Awilda's El Camino Journey
Awilda's El Camino Journey

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What an achievement. You are an inspiration to us all.
Anita Dingrani - 18 Jun 2013
Thinking of you on your amazing journey. All we can ever ask of ourselves is to be fully present. If we can do that, we will get all of the gifts a moment has to bring. The past is behind us and the future ahead. Breathe in the present moment, as it is the only one you can truly experience right now. I trust you are fully enjoying this moment in front of you. Have a great trip!
Karrie Kohlhaas - 17 Jun 2013
Mi Querida Hermana, Your history has always been one of "success." This is just another notch in your achievements. What a beautiful revelation your stories and experiences have been to me. Love it. Can't wait till you write your book. Love, your little sis
Maritza - 14 Jun 2013
My dear cousin, you are such an inspiration. I am so proud of you. Much love, Debi
Debi - 13 Jun 2013
So wonderful to read about your travels. Sending lots of love to you.
Alex Stein - 10 Jun 2013
Hart just sent me the link to your website. We are so happy you are well and taking this journey. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. Que dios te bendiga. Anita and Jack
Anita Dingrani - 10 Jun 2013
Querida Awilda- May the angels continue to walk with you. Thank you for these wonderful journal entries and imagery; I can almost feel and see me standing there with you! Gracias for being a faro of His light - Thank you for walking and being the destination. Thank you for the kind reminders of what really Is... "If we are open to receiving, we are never - ever left comfortless"... Love you
Camily - 8 Jun 2013
Awilda, I am LOVING the photos you're taking & posting! Hoping that your feet are doing well and that you're having the time of your life!
Robert Werner - 6 Jun 2013
I am a friend of a friend and have always wanted to walk the El Camino. I did a tiny portion in France with my family one summer. It gave me a taste of the physical rigors. I love reading of your experiences. I almost feel like I am there. Thanks for your lovely accounts.
Celia Brown - 5 Jun 2013
Dear Awilda! Wowsers, am I glad that I called Hart this morning to learn of the pilgrim's progress. Hit the jackpot. Had to leave off reading all the commentary as it is so rich I want to savor it slowly. Be assured that you are in my thoughts and prayers very often as I go through the day. Trying to imagine your reality. Great descriptions and stories. LOVED the going backwards down the mountain trusting trusting.........Will reread soon and complete the chapters later. Sending a big golden cloud of love to completely surround you, nurture and protect you as you continue this wonderful journey that I feel you are doing for us all. Marguerite
Gary Margason (and Marguerite) - 4 Jun 2013
Awilda, I have loved reading your journals and insights as you walk along your journey. I see that all the angels have been taking very good care of see, we are never alone. May you continue with good health, may your spirits continue to soar. With much love, Ellen
Ellen Newhouse - 4 Jun 2013
One step at a time; one mile at a time; one new friend at a time and miracles will continue to come your way. You can do it! Love, Beate
Beate Boultinghouse - 31 May 2013
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